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Administrator Self Service

  • ASS01 : How do I view and action Notifications?
  • ASS02 : How do I create vacation rules?
My Team's Personal Information
  • ASS04 : How do I update an employee's name?
  • ASS05 : How do I record an employee's phone number?
  • ASS06 : How do I update an employee's address?
  • ASS07 : How do I add an employee's emergency contact details?
  • ASS08 : How do I view an employee's absence calendar?
  • ASS09 : How do I record annual leave for an employee?
  • ASS10 : How do I enter an employee's sickness absence?
  • ASS11 : How do I view employee's absence history?
  • ASS12 : How do I enter an employee's property information?
  • ASS34 : How do I record an Employee's Flexible Working Request?
My Team's Assignment Information
  • ASS13 : How do I view the employee's Learner Homepage?
  • ASS14 : How do I enrol an employee in training?
  • ASS15 : How do I create an employees learning path?
  • ASS16 : How do I record external learning for an employee?
  • ASS17 : How do I manage my team's compliance and competency records?
  • ASS19 : How do I update an employees registration & membership details?
  • ASS20 : How do I enter an employees qualification details?
  • ASS21 : How do I view staff employment information?

ASS35 : How Do I Add or Update an Employee's Supplementary Role 

Managing Hires
  • ASS29 : How do I hire an applicant?
  • ASS30 : How do I view a standard Dashboard in ESR Business Intelligence?
My Team's Career Information
  • ASS22 : How do I change an employee's assignment details?
  • ASS23 : How do I action an employee's change in working hours?
  • ASS24 : How do I assign a new manager to an employee?
  • ASS25 : How do I assign direct reports to an employee?
  • ASS26 : How do I change an employee's location?
  • ASS31 : How do I record a job plan - Medical and Dental?
  • ASS32 : How do I record a job plan - Other Staff Groups?
  • ASS27 : How do I process a leaver?
  • ASS28 : How do I end a non primary assignment?
  • ASS33 : How do I create and manage Additional Supervisors?
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