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ESR help guides

All NHS employees who use ESR can access a range of educational step by step guides in this section.

These resources are specifically designed to help you to understand how to undertake tasks in ESR that you may not have done before, or where you need to refresh your knowledge.

Administrator Self Service online learning

The following table provides a list of the online courses available to help Administrator Self Service users to utilise functionality in ESR. Click on the course number to open the course.

ASS01 How do I view and action Notifications?
ASS02 How do I create vacation rules?
My Team's Personal Information
ASS04 How do I update an employee's name?
ASS05 How do I record an employee's phone number?
ASS06 How do I update an employee's address?
ASS07 How do I add an employee's emergency contact details?
ASS08 How do I view an employee's absence calendar?
ASS09 How do I record annual leave for an employee?
ASS10 How do I enter an employee's sickness absence?
ASS11 How do I view employee's absence history?
ASS12 How do I enter an employee's property information?
ASS34 How do I record an employee's Flexible Working Request?
My Team's Career Information
ASS13 How do I view the employee's Learner Homepage?
ASS14 How do I enrol an employee in training?
ASS15 How do I create an employees learning path?
ASS16 How do I record external learning for an employee?
ASS17 How do I manage my team's compliance and competency records?
ASS19 How do I update an employee's registration & membership details?
ASS20 How do I enter an employees qualification details?
My Team's Assignment Information
ASS21 How do I view staff employment information?
ASS22 How do I change an employee's assignment details?
ASS23 How do I action an employee's change in working hours?
ASS24 How do I assign a new manager to an employee?
ASS25 How do I assign direct reports to an employee?
ASS26 How do I change an employee's location?
ASS31 How do I record a job plan - Medical and Dental?
ASS32 How do I record a job plan - Other Staff Groups?
ASS27 How do I process a leaver?
ASS28 How do I end a non primary assignment?
ASS33 Multiple Supervisors
Managing Hires
ASS29 How do I hire an applicant?
ASS30 How do I view a standard Dashboard in ESR Business Intelligence?