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ESR help guides

All NHS employees who use ESR can access a range of educational step by step guides in this section.

These resources are specifically designed to help you to understand how to undertake tasks in ESR that you may not have done before, or where you need to refresh your knowledge.

Business Intelligence online learning

The following table provides a list of the online courses available to help Business Intelligence Administration professionals to utilise functionality in ESR. Click on the course number to open the course.

ESRBI01  Introduction to ESR BI
ESRBI02  Creating an Analysis
ESRBI03  Views
ESRBI04  Column Properties Formulas and Formatting
ESRBI05  Filters
ESRBI06  Other Useful Views
ESRBI06a  Quiz Part 1
ESRBI07  Multiple Subject Areas
ESRBI08  Set Operations
ESRBI09  Drill Down and Navigation
ESRBI10  Conditional Formatting
ESRBI11  Introduction to Dashboards
ESRBI12  Dashboard Prompts
ESRBI13  Action Links and Conditions
ESRBI14  Presentation Variables
ESRBI15  Administration