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ESR help guides

All NHS employees who use ESR can access a range of educational step by step guides in this section.

These resources are specifically designed to help you to understand how to undertake tasks in ESR that you may not have done before, or where you need to refresh your knowledge.

HR online learning

The following table provides a list of the online courses available to help HR professionals to utilise functionality in ESR.  Click on the course number to open the course.

HR114   : Deanery - Position Information
HR115   : Deanery - Hiring the Junior Doctor
HR116   : Deanery Interface - Hiring Existing Employee
Assignment Changes
HR101   : Career Break
HR105   : Secondment
HR106   : Spot Salary
Occupational Health
HR109   : Submitting an OH Report
HR111   : Viewing and Recording OH Clearance checks in ESR
HR112   : Viewing OH Clearance Data in the Pre Employment Checklist
HR108   : Refer to DBS - Safeguarding Issue
HR110   : Using ESR to monitor an employee's registered DBS certificate
Workflow Administrator
HR113   : Workflow Administrator
HR107   : Medical and Dental Job Plans
HR103   : Employee Relations
HR104   : Maternity KIT
HR102   : HR - Early Retirement
HR501   : Process a Leaver
HR601   : Process a Widow and Widower
Enter & Maintain Supplementary & Development Support Roles
HR201   : Enter Supplementary Roles
HR202   : Nominate the Employee's Clinical Supervisor
Enter & Maintain Qualifications
HR301   : Enter a Competency
HR302   : Enter Schools & Colleges Attended
HR303   : Enter Qualifications
HR305   : Enter Registration & Membership Details
Enter Organisation Property
HR401   : Enter Property
HR402   : Record the Return dates of Property