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HMRC Employer Bulletin:  August 2022

The latest bulletin from HMRC is now available and can be accessed by the following link: Employer Bulletin: August 2022 - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


AfC Average Pay Guide

The ESR-NHS0363 AfC Average Pay Guide has been produced which provides information on the AfC Average Pay functionality within ESR, including detail regarding the tasks which organisations may need to undertake if they are looking to move from WTD to AfC Average payments, information on the Payroll and Assignment level settings, how average pay is calculated and information regarding the changes effective from 1st April 2022

The guide is available on the ESR Hub from the Document Library > ESR Functionality Guidance > Payroll and Pensions area which you can access from the link below:

NHS0363 AfC Average Pay Guide

Latest Hot Topic: Pension Reassessment process

The NHS Pension Scheme regulations require members pay to be reassessed each time there is a permanent change in pay, to ensure the appropriate pension contribution band is allocated.  ESR provides the Pension Reassessment process functionality to assist users in assessing Mid Year pay affecting changes.

The following events can be automatically assessed by the process:

  • Pay Awards
  • A change to the assignment grade step which is pay affecting, e.g. increment or promotion
  • New starter, including a new assignment for an existing person

Note it is not possible to automatically assess where there have been significant changes in shift working patterns.  ESR does not hold rosters and would not be able to determine if an increase in shift payments was a permanent or temporary change.

The process can be run as part of the main Payroll Run, or as a Standalone process after the Payroll Run which picks up those automatically triggered for reassessment.  An Ad Hoc process is also available which when used with an assignment set will automatically reassess the selected assignments. The Adhoc process can be used for pay affecting changes which are not triggered by the main process, such as a salary sacrifice.   

The Pension Reassessment process uses the first full period after the start date of the assignment or the pay impacting change to make the assessment and amends the pension contribution rates where applicable.

The NHS Pension Band Allocation Report details the assignments that have been reassessed, as well as those which have been skipped or errored and it is important that organisations check this report each time the process is run, to confirm the changes applied are correct or make a manual amendment if required.

For full details on the Pension Reassessment process click the following link:

Pension Band Reassessment

Online Learning

There are several online courses available for professional users covering varying aspects of ESR functionality including Payroll, BI and HR.

Are you aware that the following online courses are currently available for Payroll Administration professionals?

  • How to process a new starter
  • How to perform late starter NI adjustments
  • How to perform permanent changes
  • How to check a leaver record
  • Terminate a non-primary assignment
  • Data Capture
  • Web ADI upload

To access all online courses, navigate to Looking for help? and select the ESR help guide list. 

You can click the link below to navigate directly to the Payroll online learning courses:

Payroll Administration online learning

HR courses are also available including Assignment Changes (career break, secondment and spot salary), Maternity Keep In Touch, Early retirement, Processing a Leaver and Processing a widow and widower.

BI online courses which may benefit Payroll and Pensions professionals are available also including Introduction to ESR BI, Creating an analysis and Introduction to Dashboards.

Payroll and Pensions useful links

The links below lead to various resources which provide additional support and guidance on ESR Payroll and Pensions related areas, including websites, step-by-step educational online videos, implementation guides and documentation.

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ESR Payroll and Pensions best practice tips

Payroll and Pensions best practice tips

Find out about relevant BI dashboards

Several BI Dashboards are available for Payroll and Pensions users. A number of key BI dashboards are highlighted on a dedicated Hub page available from the following link: Key Payroll and Pensions BI Dashboards

Image shows an ESR webinar where data is presented