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Administrator Self Service

Administrator Self Service provides the ability to view and update employee information on behalf of a Manager/Supervisor.  This can be particularly beneficial to organisations that prefer additional approvals to be in place, for example when a manager/supervisor of staff/teams is not an authorised signatory/budget holder. This gives the organisation more options and flexibility when implementing Manager Self Service to meet their internal business and audit requirements.

Want to know more about Administrator Self Service?  Read the full functional guide here.

Administrator Self Service functional guide

MSS Internet Access

Manager Self Service provides managers with access to a vast array of information about their teams, and the ability to act upon the information directly in the system. To support a more flexible workforce and ease of access to required information, managers can access the Manager Dashboard over the Internet at anytime, anywhere from all desktop and mobile devices.

Want to know more about accessing Manager Self Service via the internet?  Read the full functional guide here.

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Performance Management Plans

Performance Management Plan functionality enables organisations to set, agree and review objectives agreed by a manager and employee. All within a specified performance period. As the Performance Management Plan concludes an appraisal can then take place. 

Want to find out more about Performance Management Plans?  Read the full functional guide here.

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Appraisals in ESR

Using the Appraisal functionality in ESR further extends the use of Supervisor and Manager Self Service. It unlocks potential to create a paperless process that is trackable for both appraiser and appraisee. This functionality also provides the ability to report at organisation level on talent and achievement within departments. It allows organisations to focus on the quality of an appraisal, over and above confirming that one has taken place.

Interested in implementing Appraisals in ESR?  Read the full functional guide here.

Appraisals functional guide


Multiple Supervisors

Multiple Supervisor functionality is used by organisations that have implemented Manager Self Service/Learning Management. They often find the need to allow more than one Manager/Supervisor to have the ability and access  to an Employee record. Multiple  Supervisors can be used so that one or more Manager can be responsible  to make changes to the employee record and approve notifications. 

Want to know more about using Multiple Supervisor functionality?  Read the full functional guide here.

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Property Register

The ESR Property Register functionality enables organisations to record and track all items allocated to an employee such as FFP3 Face Mask devices, lease cars, laptops, mobile devices, staff uniforms etc, which have a significant financial impact on the organisation if not returned by employees when they leave. 

Want to know more about the use of Property Register in ESR?  Read the full functional guide here.

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Buying and selling annual leave

NHS organisations can manage the process for buying and selling annual leave via Manager Self Service. This can be run in different ways depending on the needs of the trust, so to help organisations, this functional guide provides a best practice approach that you can follow. 

Interested to learn more?  Read the full functional guide here.

Buy/Sell annual leave functional guide





Pay Progression

The 2018 framework agreement on the reform of Agenda for Change (AfC) introduced provisions to move to a new pay system with faster progression to the top of pay bands through fewer pay step points. 

Employees who fall under the new terms will be expected to demonstrate that they should progress through the new pay structure, and a key change is that the manager will now open the pay step for the employee. 

Want to find out more about pay progression?  Read the full functional guide here.

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Supervisor Self Service

Supervisor Self Service in ESR enables supervisors to view employment information, but does not allow the ability to make assignment changes. It gives supervisors the ability to view and update personal information including absence, personal details and emergency contacts details and to manage careers including learning, suitability matching, competencies, qualifications, registrations and appraisals.

Want to know more about Supervisor Self Service?  Read the full functional guide here.

Supervisor Self Service functional guide