New to Business Intelligence - ESR Hub

Business Intelligence Help and Guidance

Managers - the NHS Management Overview dashboard has a 'First Time Using the Dashboard' tour functionality guiding users on a step by step through the commonly used objects and terminologies in ESR BI.

BI Administrators - the ESRBI Report Writers Guide available here on the ESR Hub is provided as a reference document for users wishing to create or customise ESRBI dashboards and analyses in order to meet local reporting requirements.

Example analyses are also provided in the NHS Example Analyses folder within the NHS Standard Dashboards folder located in the ESR BI Catalog.

Guidance material

Click on Guides to BI Dashboards to access guides to all of the national dashboards

Click on Online Guide to BI Dashboards to access the online version of the guide to national dashboards

Click on BI Functionality Guides to access information about the functionality in business intelligence

Click on interactive Captivate sessions and videos to access those materials

Receiving BI updates

Users can subscribe to receive latest BI updates by registering their NHS email address on the NHS Introduction to Business Intelligence Dashboard.

Data Refresh

Details of the most recent ESR BI data refresh are available on the NHS Introduction to Business Intelligence Dashboard.

Queries or enhancement proposals

Please raise a Service Request via the ESR Service Desk