Strategic Projects Team - ESR Hub

Strategic Projects Team

Our Strategic Projects Team is responsible for:

  • Facilitating change requests relating to existing interfaces

Our existing interfaces include both batch and API offerings. We engage proactively both internally and externally with organisations, stakeholders and systems to assess and facilitate requests for change and enhancements.

  • Delivering new and innovative integration solutions for the benefit of the NHS

This involves working with major partners in the healthcare sector, such as Applicant Tracking System providers, Professional Regulators and NHS England, covering a wide range of organisations and systems. To deliver against this responsibility, our team is constantly striving to ensure that new integration solutions are developed and delivered, whilst aligning to the NHS People Plan Agenda and other national initiatives to benefit the wider NHSBSA Strategy.

  • Strategic project management

Discovery work, co-ordination, execution, and overall management of new projects involving both internal and external stakeholders. This includes the co-ordination and management of pre-project, design, build, test, implementation, and communication activities, whilst also ensuring that projects and their potential benefits align with the strategic goals for the wider NHS.

The Document Library on the ESR Hub contains further information about the interfaces, including the list of interface offerings and user resources and guidance.

Polly Usher

Role:  Projects Team Lead


Craig Elton

Role: Business Analyst


Emma de Boer

Photograph of Emma Cook

Role:  Project Manager 


Dominic Zealley

Role: Project Coordinator


Dominic Carter

Role: Deputy Project Manager