About Development and Operations Team - ESR Hub

Development and Operations Team


Our Development and Operations Team is responsible for:

  • ESR solution requirements, system design and national processes and best practice.
  • Monitoring, with the Commercial Team, compliance of the Supplier against the SLA regime.
  • Providing business and functional expertise working with the ESR Supplier to ensure ESR remains fit for purpose. This includes the development of the ESR strategically and operationally to meet the requirements whilst ensuring that any changes in Statute, Legislation or Policy are also incorporated.
  • User engagement at a national level and work with the Supplier to ensure speedy resolution of User issues.


We aim to ensure that ESR remains the system for NHS workforce data ensuring the Strategic Data Warehouse meets the needs of strategic stakeholders and providing operational data to support initiatives across NHS BSA and beyond.



Lee Pacey

Photograph of Lee Pacey

Role:  Director of Development and Operations

Email: lee.pacey@nhs.net