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ESR Transformation Programme

The NHSBSA has established a Transformation Programme for the Electronic Staff Record (ESR).

The Vision

The programme seeks to place users and stakeholders at the heart of ESR service design.  NHSBSA Workforce Services will:

  • Support effective recruitment, retention and workforce planning within Health and Care;
  • Provide workforce services that support delivery of the People Plan and other workforce policies (including ongoing engagement and outcomes from the Future of NHS HR and OD programme).

The Roadmap

By summer 2024 the Transformation Programme will have completed a procurement exercise - enabling a period of transition up to August 2025 (current contract expiry date). The timeline below indicates the key phases that the programme is expected to follow:   

The planned timeframes for the completion of the transformation activities will be informed by subsequent service design and implementation planning.

Your ESR, Your Vision

Over the next four months users and stakeholders in the NHS in England and Wales are being given the opportunity to tell us about their experiences of ESR, so that we can understand what the NHS needs from a future workforce solution and help to inform requirements for the wider ESR Transformation programme. This is the largest strategic user engagement and listening exercise since ESR was implemented.

A team of researchers from Accenture (acting on behalf of NHSBSA) is currently engaging with ESR Leads in England and Wales, asking them to invite a range of users from their organisations to participate in ESR Discovery.

The solution design of the future NHS workforce solution will be developed from this work, and the findings from this exercise will be reported back to stakeholders at appropriate times during/after the Discovery activities. 

Watch our video by clicking on the image below. 

Link to ESR Transformation video

Click this link to open the video transcript.

Further Information

To keep you up to date with progress of the ESR Transformation Programme we will be updating this page at key stages and we will also share updates with our stakeholders via our usual communication channels.

We will also share frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers address any queries that may arise during this programme of work.  Use this link to directly access the Frequently Asked Questions page.