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ESR supporting retention

A key ambition of the NHS People Plan relates to growing our workforce, training our people, and working differently to deliver patient care in a compassionate and inclusive way.

Retaining staff is one of the most important factors for the NHS to deliver care in the future. We have developed a suite of helpful resources that help Chief People Officers (CPOs) and their teams to look at how ESR can support local Retention Strategies.   

The fact sheets below outline key areas of ESR functionality that Chief People Officers should be using to help them:

  • create a great first Impression for all new employees
  • explains how CPOs can support their existing workforce
  • and how they can capture valuable feedback from employees when they leave the organisation

If you want support and guidance from our team, contact your NHSBSA Regional Functional Account Manager, they will help you to optimise the way you use ESR to support your local Retention Strategy.

Documents to support local retention strategies

You can find supporting material below by clicking on the relevant images. 

Overview                                         Frequently Asked Questions                                          


Fact Sheets

Applicant dashboard            Business intelligence          Flexible working             Reason for leaving