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Online Payslips using ESR

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Digital technology touches many parts of our lives, from keeping in touch with our friends using social media, booking a taxi through an App or managing our banking online, we all frequently interact with technology.

More than 2.3 million employees across England and Wales now access their payslip online, equating to nearly 95% of the NHS. 

During October 2023 circa 19,238 employees that received a paper payslip also viewed the online version. That's 19,238 paper payslips that need not have been printed across the NHS.

Between January and December 2023 over 110,000 employees switched to online payslips in ESR, however in December 2023 96,000 employees received paper payslips across the NHS, the majority of which will be filed away until they are needed for proof of earnings, and yet online payslips are available via the Electronic Staff Record solution to all NHS employees with an ESR record.

Many organisations make their latest payslip available before payday, at a time to suit them, and all employees that use Self Service can receive an automatic notification from ESR when their latest payslip is available to view and download.

Want to know more? 

Read the full brochure about online payslips using ESR by clicking the brochure icon opposite.  There is also a helpful Implementation Guide and other useful resources in this series specifically designed to support your switch to online payslips.

Switching to Online Payslips

Switching to online payslips is easier than you think

To support your project plan our 7 step process, shown below, will guide you through the process change.   

A full Implementation Guide and other useful resources in this series are available to help you easily make the switch to online payslips.

Picture of online payslip implementation steps

Useful Documents

Find out more about the benefits of moving to online payslips using ESR.

Online payslip promotional brochure

Use this guide to help you make the switch to online payslips using ESR.

Implementation guide for online payslips

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to implementing online payslips using ESR.

Online Payslip

Myths and barriers to implementing online payslips using ESR.

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